For years now, we have been reliably partnering automobile manufacturers and the companies that supply them with modules and systems. We develop and implement comprehensive logistics concepts in the automotive sector. The services we provide for our customers range from procurement logistics to the realization of outsourcing projects, and the provision of logistical support in connection with CBU transports (including distribution to dealerships all over Saudi Arabia).

We execute just-in-time transports with our own and partners fleet of transport vehicles and offer a host of warehousing and administrative services (e.g. maintaining stocks of manufactured parts, execution of preassembly operations, planning and optimization of packaging procedures, order-picking, and the drawing up of transport documents and delivery notes).

We see it as our task to provide transport links on which supply companies, the manufacturers’ production plants, and vehicle dealers can all rely. In order to perform this function with maximum efficiency, we have created our own unique transport network. This network enables us to bundle our collection activities by picking up goods from all the suppliers we work within so-called milk runs. The system is inherently flexible and allows us to consult the suppliers who use our services about collection times and the quantities of materials to be transported. Our customers in the automotive sector benefit from this arrangement in a number of ways: our network guarantees them fixed and readily calculable lead times, and thus the availability of production materials as and when required. This, in turn, reduces their production costs.

Our automotive services at a glance: 
Planning and Execution of

  • CKD transports
  • SKD transports
  • Spare-parts transports
  • CBU logistics services
  • PDI services
  • VPC services

RoRo Shipments

The transportation of motor vehicles has been competently and successfully carried out for many years by our group of companies. Across Saudi Arabia, we work closely with the dealers to ensure the smooth transportation of new cars around Saudi Arabia. We also organize the transportation of individual private owned vehicles quickly and cost-effectively.

CKD Operations

CKD means Completely Knocked Down Units, completely knocked down car/bike is one which is imported or exported in parts and not as one assembled unit. Such units are first sent to an assembly plant in the target country where all these parts are assembled, and one complete vehicle is made using the imported components. Within the Crystal Maritime Group, we offer totally customized logistics packages for the Automotive Industry. Whether it concerns complete vehicles, spare parts or CKD, each herewith connected service is provided in our usual high quality and professionalism.

CBU Distribution

CBU means Completely Built Units, within the services offered by Crystal Maritime Group, we offer Completely Built Units service (CBU)A completely built unit is the terminology when a car/bike is imported/exported to/from some other country as a complete car fully assembled. These automobiles do not require an assembly before they can be sold out to the buyers in the target country’s markets. Most of the imported cars and bikes come as a CBU.

Individual Automotive

Individually customized solutions for all kinds of inquiries is one of our main emphasis ever since. Especially the automotive sector is representative for our complexity and professional dealing with our customer’s needs. Whether it is about CKD, CBU or spare part delivery; everything is in good hands with us.


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