Cargo Control

The activities of our personnel in the field begin with the arrival of your consignments at the port. After the interface check by the cargo-handling company, the consignment is inspected by us. In addition to inspecting it for completeness, checking its identity and looking for any signs of external damage, we also ensure that your instructions are being complied with, particularly with regard to interim storage, stowage, and handling. We are familiar with different kinds of goods and their specific properties and we lend support to the port operators in the specialist handling of your merchandise.

We make no distinction between consignments sent to us as conventional break-bulk loads, consolidated container loads, complete FCL loads or project cargo – each consignment is checked. With the agreement of the cargo-handling company and the port authorities, even the contents of a container are inspected, on request, for damage and secure loading. Any deficiencies are documented and immediately reported to you. Our work does not even finish after the goods have passed the ship’s rail. We check to ensure that they are loaded safely on board and stowed correctly and that all the legal regulations have been observed.

As a “helping hand” for our customers at the port, we safeguard your interests until the ship has sailed.


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