Container Packing

Stuffing a container is not the same as fully loading a container. The tallyman responsible is a skilled worker who, with the specific use of stowage aids, ensures an optimum level of loading and safety. The theoretical pre-stowage pattern of the cargo is checked using specially developed software, the final decision being made on-site by the foreman. The responsible operation of stowing a load comprising various packages which contain different types of goods (e.g. dangerous goods, steel etc.) requires comprehensive specialist knowledge and experience. For us, quality is absolutely essential, because the most important thing, as far as we are concerned, is that your goods reach the consignee in perfect condition.

Our Services at a Glance:

  • Receipt of goods with corresponding goods inwards inspection (tallying)
  • Potential intervention (repairing goods, re-marking, re-filling operations etc.)
  • Interim storage of the goods (dangerous goods in appropriate special locations/boxes)
  • Specialist loading of export goods in containers suitable for deep sea movements by trained specialist staff
  • Receipt of imported goods unloaded from containers
  • Distribution of goods
  • Provision of delivery vehicles on a centralized basis
  • Provision of empty containers to various shipowners, securing short-term availability as a result
  • Completion of export procedures in accordance with the provisions of the Saudi Foreign Trade Law
  • High utilization of space in the units available through the use of special computer programs
  • Connection to the Jeddah harbor telematics service ensuring a constant flow of information to all parties involved
  • Rapid unloading of trucks by the company’s own staff.

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