Dangerous Goods Advisory Services

For many companies in the transport sector, dangerous goods consignments are considered to be “special consignments”. It is difficult to keep track of the vast number of national and international laws and regulations involved, but with our support, you have everything under control.

Our services comprise:

  • Advice on all issues regarding dangerous goods, such as classification, packaging, labeling and documentation
  • Providing information on the compatibility of materials
  • Obtaining of special authorization and licenses
  • Compiling safety data sheets and accident procedure sheets
  • Organizing the inspection and monitoring of consignments via our business partners
  • Providing external dangerous goods inspectors in accordance with the Saudi directive on the transportation of dangerous goods/safety advisers in accordance with the GCC directive

Companies transporting dangerous goods as well as those who load or unload such goods as a result of these movements must be required to observe regulations governing the elimination of the risks associated with dangerous goods consignments, whether these are being transported by road, rail or inland waterway. To make it easier to attain this objective, provision must be made for the appointment of appropriately trained safety advisers for dangerous goods movements. With our trained and authorized staff, our safety department can offer you this service.

The services include:

  • Practical training of authorized personnel in accordance with the Saudi directive on the transportation of dangerous goods / GCC directive
  • Regular monitoring activities
  • Compiling defect reports for senior management – annual report
  • Availability as a permanent contact
  • Training and specialized seminars

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