Full Containers

As part of multi-modal container movements, we organize transportation of full container loads, both in standard and special containers, within the country from the point of loading to the transfer port and/or from the port of discharge to the unloading point, depending on use and type of application.

  • Handling of complete door-to-door movements
  • Selection of different shipping companies with regard to quality and service
  • First-class knowledge of the freight market
  • Organization of pre- and post-shipment journeys using the relevant transport media, i.e. truck, rail, and barge.

Besides the customary transport organization activities, we offer our customers a wealth of additional services:

  • Ability to book via electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • IT services networked with all necessary sea port institutions
  • Export duty service in accordance with EC directives
  • Early declaration of dangerous goods at the registration authorities as well as drafting of entire dangerous goods documentation for shipping companies, handling agents, harbor police, port authorities, and customs via separate DP system
  • Drafting of special documents such as e.g. the Dangerous Goods Declarations in USA transactions

Monitoring of containers by our in-house local staff; ensuring early action is taken in the event of damage or loss.


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