Heavy Lift

Our heavy-lift specialists have years of experience in transporting difficult, overweight loads to destinations all over the world. In the past, we have used every conceivable means of transport to execute such orders. Moving items that are NOT standard in terms of dimensions and weight is one of OUR standard services. Handling overweight containers, moving plant for an entire factory, shipping the largest transformer in the world (an operation which turned into a veritable media spectacular) are all part of a day’s work for us.

We use innovative transport and loading technology: Cranes, Aircraft (e.g. Antonav 124), Ships for heavy hauls by air, land, and water. We employ a team of 35 full-service specialists worldwide with in-depth experience of handling cargoes of just about any magnitude. With so much know-how at our disposal, it is no great burden for us to ship even the bulkiest and heaviest consignments punctually, and precisely in accordance with the instructions we receive. That means we can guarantee your goods will be shipped from continent to continent, and from door to door, in such a way that they arrive in A1 condition.


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