Intermodal Transports

The development and organization of the carriage of all types of goods to the port of dispatch and to the place of arrival by road, rail and inland waterway is considered to be an important link in the inter / multimodal transport chain.

In order to optimize patterns of traffic movement, we use our “Central Transport Co-ordination” department. By using our own potential synergy is achieved which guarantees the customer a high utility value and competitive pricing.

Advantages at a glance:

    • High price transparency.
    • Added value through the optimal comparison of rates (combined consignment transport, road, rail, inland waterway).
    • An optimized collection of empty containers.
    • Organization of import-export container combinations.
    • Combining break bulk items into groupage / full loads, also on semitrailers.
    • Development of short sea movements into a modern, cost-conscious alternative means of transport.

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