Marble and Granite Logistics

Various companies in Saudi Arabia have explored the Kingdom’s rich mineral repositories in search for the fine quality construction stone from 25 years; In the process companies have discovered massive deposits of some of the world’s most beautiful and uniquely colored granite including Saudi Bianco, Saudi Salmon, Ancient Brown, Saudi Green, New Rossa and Sweet Gold. The lighter tones like Bianco, Sweet Gold and New Rossa have become well known Granite in the Middle East. Which has been used in major building projects throughout Saudi Arabia and exported to the world over. Today many companies operate several quarries producing a range of distinctive colors and qualities for the construction industry.

In today’s rapidly growing highly advanced building industry, the granite has become an essential ingredient to bring elegant and durable shapes and designs to exteriors and interiors of buildings. In this scenario, Saudi Marble and granite products have been developing and diversifying over the years to keep pace with the requirements of the demanding markets in and outside Saudi Arabia.

From past few years, Crystal Maritime Group has been providing specialized logistics services for many Marble & Granite companies in Saudi Arabia.


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