Transport Safety is Our Greatest Concern 

Transportation of Bulk Liquid Chemicals, hazardous or non-hazardous, is subject to special regulations and has special requirements. For last few years, Crystal Maritime Group has offered the Tank Container as a transport solution in overseas traffic. Through our own safety department established within the group of companies, constant training of our staff, and by co-operating with selected partners, we provide our customers with services on a very high level of quality.

Through our worldwide network, we can offer all kinds of transport solutions including door-to-door transportation with all necessary services, such as logistical consultation, order tracking, and tracing, export documentation and customs clearance of goods at the country of destination.

Naturally, the order processing is based on “State-Of-The-Art” IT-systems. This includes a dedicated Software program specifically developed for Crystal Maritime Group’s Fleet Management.

Our fleet meets worldwide safety standards and regular maintenance is performed to ensure transport safety. 

The extensive “know-how” and the support of evolving software solutions make Crystal Maritime Group the perfect choice not only for Tank Container Operating but also for all logistical aspects involving Shipper’s owned/leased equipment.


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