Distribution Logistics

Supplementary to our activities as freight forwarders we offer additional professional services in the area of distribution logistics. Those include all services around filling, refilling. silaging, storing, transshipping and even order picking and distribution as well as manufacturing.

At different locations, skilled personnel is eager to be of your service.

    • filling of Sacks, Refilling, Silaging

Through our partners or using our own facilities in Jeddah we organize the bagging, drumming or silaging of your solid or liquid chemicals.

    • Transshipment

At many places around the world we are able to handle the transfer of goods within own transshipment facilities, with skilled personnel and technically well equipped. The Crystal Maritime Group offers its customers full service and know-how of highest possible quality.

    • Warehousing

The right storage of goods of all kinds is as well part of our range of services. We use our partner’s services if there is a lack of space in our own warehouse or vice versa. Even dangerous goods are in good hands with us.

Skilled personnel, as in every other service area, see to it that your confided goods are dealt with a professional way.

    • Order Picking And Distribution

With our “order picking and distribution” service we take over labor intensive logistical functions and optimize storage and transportation procedures. Careful checks are undertaken from the time the goods go into storage to the time they are delivered to ensure a smooth operation. To do this, we opt for special software and modern storage technology. Our services are especially useful for compiling orders of food and non-food items.

We can offer you customized solutions to suit your particular products.

Our Services at a Glance:

  • Goods inwards inspection
  • Warehouse administration using bar code technology
  • Assembly of sales units
  • Computer-aided order picking operations
  • Final inspection
  • Labelling
  • Palletizing goods
  • Compilation of delivery notes
  • Delivery to branch stores

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