“Customer Oriented Business”

Quality Management

– Based on classical forwarding services, our activities are consequently geared towards customer needs.

– We take on the entire range of logistical services of our customers through

– The use of the network of the entire Crystal Maritime Group worldwide

– A customer-oriented product policy

– Expertise in the optimal design of logistic processes.

– The company structure is decentralized by allocating responsibilities on top management level, in the lines of business, to the affiliated companies and service areas.

Service areas that are managed by the company can be seen as enablers in the Crystal Maritime Group, and these contribute considerably to the competitiveness of the company. They provide the top management, the fields of business and the affiliated companies with their services on competitive terms.


   * Plainly structured responsibilities

   * Error-recording and evaluation systems

   * Documented procedures and work instructions

   * All customer-relevant instructions are accessible via PC

The entire documentation, existing from QM-Handbook, procedure – and work-instructions, subcontractor-tables etc, can be easily accessed by each of our employees via PC. Using this technique, the update process is done within minutes avoiding time- and work intensive paperwork.


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