Waste Disposal Logistics

The provision of waste logistics services has become an enormously important business field in recent years. The materials which have to be disposed of range from rags contaminated with solvents to discharged car batteries, and capacitors containing PCB.

Waste-disposal companies and recycling companies see to the thermal utilization of residues remaining from the production process; they also retrieve useful raw materials and dispose of environmentally critical substances.

The Basel Convention of 1989 provides clear directives on the “transboundary” movement of dangerous waste materials and the ways in which these materials may be disposed of. It also defines notification procedures which guarantee the transparency of each stage of the transport process.

So far, so good – but what about the transport logistics? Who selects the companies best qualified – in terms of their technical proficiency, safety record, and quality awareness – to execute the requisite road-haulage, rail-transport, and shipping operations? Who notifies of the various interested parties? Who sees to the requisite import and export procedures?

Our International Industrial-Waste Logistics section is there to find solutions to your operational problems, to take care of the associated paperwork, and to provide all the necessary administrative backup.


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