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Our General Terms and Conditions for communication with us via email

Correspondence via email involves risks. On their way from sender to the recipient, emails may e.g. be wiretapped, or falsified, or blocked. Furthermore, whenever employees of ours are out of office it may very well happen that emails sent to their account will be read no sooner than upon the respective employee’s return. Therefore, we disclaim any liability for damages resulting from any such risks. Should you communicate with us via email you thereby declare acceptance of this exclusion of liability.

Should you have received an email by us erroneously, please inform us immediately and delete this email from your computer. To the extent that the reproduction, duplication, modification, distribution and/or publication of this email is only admissible with our approval, such approval is hereby expressly denied.

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There are links to third-party internet pages on our website. Exclusively the operators of these third-party internet pages are responsible for their contents. Despite careful monitoring, CRYSTAL accepts no liability for the contents of these external links. Should you detect any errors or unlawful contents on these pages, we kindly request you to inform us accordingly as soon as possible and thank you in advance.

The creation of photocopies and the downloading of web pages for private, scientific or non-commercial use are permitted. Theoretically the downloading of files may cause damage in a computer. We sincerely exclude all liability claims for any damage that may result by downloading such files.

We allow and welcome quoting of our documents and websites (please indicate the original source) as well as the placement of links to our website after consultation and mutual consent.